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Single-cage Construction Hoist

1.Thestandardsectionframeoftheconstructionelevatorisallbentandweldedbyδ5-thicknesssteelplates,andthestrengthishigherthanthatofanglesteel.  2.Thestandardsectionrackoftheconstructionelevatoristhespecial


  1. The standard section frame of the construction elevator is all bent and welded by δ5-thickness steel plates, and the strength is higher than that of angle steel.
  2. The standard section rack of the construction elevator is the special rack for large-scale elevator factories(For example, Guangzhou Jinglong). The position distance of the rack is 190mm, and the rack pin for positioning is the high-strength rack pin. The standard section mould adopts the 650*650 model, which is the same as that used in factories such as Guangzhou Jinglong, and can be interchanged with products manufactured by other large-scale elevator factories(For example, Guangzhou Jinglong).
  3. The cage of the construction elevator adopts the similar process for bending sheets manufacturing a compartment and has wire meshes and decorating aluminum plates.
  4. Transmission Part of Construction Elevator: the reducer uses the reducer of Tianjin Aoya and is equipped with 11KW motors of Jiangsu Nantong Xingxiang and SAJ series fall-proof safety devices(presently used model:SAJ-1.2). The whole machine has 44 rollers(of which, 12 are looseness-proof rollers) and 6 backrest wheels.
  5. The wall-attached framework of the construction elevator is the II-type wall-attached framework and can be interchanged with main products of Guangzhou Jinglong.
  6. The circuit of the construction elevator adopts low voltage 24V control, and control switches, intermediate relays, main contactors, etc. are Schneider products. The spraying plastics process is applied to the inner part and the outer part of the electricity cabinet. The size of the main cable is 16m2, the 25m2 cable is needed if the cable is over 80m in length, and additional 50 yuan is needed for each meter. (It varies along with market price.)
  7. The cable support, door knife, door lock, up and down door wheels, big and small rope wheels, rope wheel brackets, door buckles, etc. of the construction elevator all adopt hot galvanizing process.
  8. The whole construction elevator finishes debugging in the factory(fall-proof test, run-in period running test and load test).

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