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Jinkui Company Urumchi International Construction Machinery Expo

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  On May 16, the Jinkui Company 2nd Urumchi International Construction Machinery Expo & New and Old Customers Return Banquet was successfully opened in the Urumchi Conference and Exhibition Center and

  On May 16, the Jinkui Company 2nd Urumchi International Construction Machinery Expo & New and Old Customers Return Banquet was successfully opened in the Urumchi Conference and Exhibition Center and the Yinxinglou Hotel, and over150 new and old customers including leaders of the Mahe Industrial Park and the 147th Regiment of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, leaders of major construction companies, the business manger of the Xinjinag Region of the Jinkui Company, etc. took part in the Return Banquet. In the Expo, our company exhibited the new product—SC200/200 frequency conversion construction elevator, more than 30 machines such as Jinkui tower cranes and Jinkui construction elevators were ordered on the spot, and the Expo has yielded fruitful .