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How to spend “Cold Winter” of the construction machinery industry?

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  As the cold winter came close, our company hided its capacities and bide its time and faced the cold winter of the industry by improving quality and after-sales service. In the aspect of quality, ou
  As the cold winter came close, our company hided its capacities and bide its time and faced the cold winter of the industry by improving quality and after-sales service. In the aspect of quality, our company graded all employees by examination to select the superior and eliminate the inferior. Our company purchased materials from powerful paint companies so as to guarantee the appearance of products. The company controlled the product quality strictly in accordance with the quality management system and never omitted any mistake. In the aspect of after-sales service, our company served customers according to the principle of handling problems first and defining responsibilities second, shortened the after-sales period as soon as possible and greatly reduced the damage to customers. We firmly believed if winter comes, spring will come soon.