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  Jinan Jinkui Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in R&D and manufacturing of tower cranes and construction hoists. It is located in Xiuhui Private-owned Enterprise Industrial Park, Zhangqiu, Jinan, 40km west to urban area of Jinan City and Jinan International Airport, 9km north to Jinan-Qingdao Expressway, 10km south to National Road 309, and National Road 244 crosses the industrial park, enjoying quite convenient traffic.
  The company has a floor area of 210mu, a building area of 30,000m2, 670 employees including 71 employees with professional titles such as high and intermediate engineer, economic engineer and technician and 5 registered associate constructors. Moreover, it has modern working conditioning and equipment and fully implements digitalized management mode. The international website of the company has created quite good conditions for earning foreign exchange through exports, and its products are well sold in countries such as UAE, Mongolia, India, Philippines and Malaysia.
  Since its establishment in 2001, the company has been based on a high starting point and high field of vision, insisted on the corporate management guideline of “Developing Enterprise by Science and Technology, Exploiting and Innovating”, and adhered to the product philosophy of “High Quality Products, High Standard and High Quality”. By adopting internationally advanced design software to complete optimal design, the company has developed QTZ160 and all series of tower cranes of below QTZ160 and flat-top series cranes, occupied a leading positioning in the domestic crane industry. Moreover, it has been awarded “Top Ten Brands of China Famous Cranes” and evaluated as Building Machinery A-class Manufacturer by State Bureau of Technical Supervision. It passed the ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System certification as early as Nov. 18, 2002, and got the titles of Shandong Provincial “Civilization and Integrity Private Enterprise”, “Contract-honoring and Promise-keeping Enterprise”, “Honorary Award of 2006 China Outstanding Goods Fair”, municipal “Inspection Free Enterprise”, etc. Particularly in 2010, Jinkui trademark and the logo of the company got the honorary title of “Shandong Province Famous Brand”. The company was selected as the Provincial Construction Machinery Key Enterprise as well as the Council Member by the Provincial Construction Machinery Industrial Management Office and was listed as the top ten enterprises in the provincial tower crane industry. The Party branch of the company was established in 2007 and has helped the company to make development in the healthy, harmonious and sustainably developed direction. In 2011, the Party branch of the company was honored as “Advanced Grassroot Party Branch” by local Party committee.
  Over the years, the company, under the tenet of “Safety Oriented, Quality First”, has paid more attention to product quality, kept improving production process and adopted advanced production equipment such as submerged arc automatic welding and CO2 protective welding to improve strength and beauty of welded joints. In this May, it invested 1.8 million yuan to buy 5 NC welding equipment, so its welding technology has reached the internationally advanced level. Because they feature high quality, reasonable structure, uniform stress, excellent performance, etc. the company’s products have well sold abroad as well as in more than 30 provinces and cities in China and received consistent praise by customers. Since its establishment in 2001, the company has produced nearly 10,000 tower cranes of all models, and what we felt satisfied is that there was no collapse of tower cranes and causality accidents. During the Wenchuan earthquake happened on May, 12, 2008, our tower cranes were being used in Yuhe Garden residential district of the old town of Beichuan County in the epicenter, after the earthquake was happened, we found from the video of Mianyang TV Station that our tower cranes were still erected in place, we deeply felt surprise about that, so we sent manager Liu from local office to the site to take photos, the photos proved our cranes were erected there undamaged, we felt proud of that, afterwards, under the cooperation of local armed polices, we made complete propaganda pictures to make customers really feel the meaning of “King Kong’s Body, Free Arm in Cloud”. But we will not be complacent, on the contrary, we will keep paying special attention to product quality and after-sales service and try our best to achieve better achievements.
  The scale of the company is widened as time goes by. Presently, the company is negotiating with local governments to buy 40mu land south of the company. In 2009, it invested 2.65 million yuan to purchase shot blasting equipment and simultaneously introduced automatic spraying process and equipment to improve appearance of products. In 2012, it planned to invest 15 million yuan to produce flat top, luffing-jib and internal climbing type tower cranes reaching the most internationally advanced level. At present, the company has 2 construction hoist enterprises, 2 tower crane branches and 26 sales branches, and recently, our manufacturing branch in Urumchi has been formally put into operation, with daily productivity of 2 tower cranes. Just entering 2012, the company bought 100 mu of land in Shihezi City and planned to build a workshop with a higher productive capacity. Up to now, our company’s annual productivity has reached 5,000 tower cranes, average 12 tower cranes daily. Its annual value of production reached more than 600 million yuan in 2010 and is expected to reach 1 billion yuan in 2012.
  Jinkui is a young and vigorous private-owned enterprise and has quite huge development prospect and space. We are quite confident to gradually achieve a leading position in domestic construction machinery industry! We warmly welcome leaders and counterparts in the industry to come to our company for visit and guidance. Thank you all!